Southworth Park in Waldport on the Horizon

The City of Waldport is celebrating that start of construction of a new park with a ceremonial groundbreaking at 10 a.m. on July 3, 2023. The Southworth Park project is the culmination of years of planning by the Waldport Council resulting in the successful award of $750,000 from the Oregon State Park’s Local Government Grant Program. The groundbreaking will kick off the start of soliciting the planned playground, sports courts, restrooms and outdoor dining area, expected later in July.

“This is the start of the actual construction of the park,” said Dann Cutter, City Manager.
“While there are still some decisions to be made, it important we get some shovels in the
ground and start building, as we will be asking the local construction companies to really
step forward and help stretch our grant award to build the biggest park possible.”

Southworth Park sits in the heart of Waldport just east on Hwy 34, with over seven acres
of available space. The park sits on the former site of the old Waldport High School. The soccer
and baseball fields will be retained and improved, and several thousand feet of walking
pathways installed as part of the new park installation.

The culmination of the park entry will be the famed Louis Southworth bronze statue recently unveiled and temporarily housed at the Waldport Visitor Center and Museum at the base of the Alsea Bridge. For more information about the park’s namesake, Louis Southworth and the statue, click here.

For additional information contact the City at 541-563-3561 or email