Forage For Mussels

Looking for a special culinary experience while visiting the Oregon Coast? Head for areas of exposed tidal rocks in search of a seldom-heralded seafood delicacy—mussels. STORY BY GRACE ELTING CASTLE Mussels have been a staple in the diet of coastal Natives probably from the beginning of time. The shells of […]


Sanctuary for Wolves

Sanctuary near Waldport provides a home for wolves as well as educational tours. PHOTOS COURTESY WHITE WOLF SANCTUARY In the forested mountains east of Waldport, Arctic wolves howl and play from amid the safety of spacious, enclosed habitats. The White Wolf Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization, has a mission to preserve […]

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Purple Sea Urchins

The good, the bad, and the ugly about purple sea urchins. STORY & PHOTOS BY JOANNE CARROLL-HUEMOELLER Would the term consequential describe a day in the life of a simple purple sea urchin? Probably not. This prickly invertebrate is nothing more than a round test (hard shell) covered with spines, […]