Jan/Feb 2018

Table of Contents

  • 30. LAYING TRACKS – An Astoria teenager helps rebuild and preserve an antique steam locomotive.
  • 34. TERRIBLE TILLY – The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, while enduring dangerous, battering storms, guided ships off the Oregon Coast for more than 75 years.
  • 38. DERBY DAMES – A coastal newcomer finds comaraderie, ferocity, and fun when she joins the Tillamook Coast Derby Dames.
  • 42. IN HER FOOTSTEPS – Five hikes inspired by five bold women who contributed to our rich coastal history.
  • 48. ANCIENT MEDICINE – Native plants are not just pretty to look at – they are also cherished for their healing properties.
  • 52. ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD – Winter and spring are the best time to hunt agates – sparkly semiprecious stones that surface in shifting sands.
  • 54. CLIPPER SHIPS, MINE SWEEPERS, & MORE – Coos Bay had a thriving shipbuilding industry during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Oregon Coast Magazine Jan/Feb 2018
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