Donate to the Oregon Coast Aquarium

As you might imagine, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is struggling a bit right now. They have very little revenue coming in from a loss in ticket sales over the last few months (the aquarium closed to the public in mid-March), but they still have to care and feed for 15,000 animals every day.

Enjoy these videos of just a few of the animals at the aquarium–consider it a virtual tour–and if you’re in a position to help out, here’s the link to provide a donation:

Get a peek of the friendly and beguiling octopus at the Octopus Encounter:

Or get to know the strange and beautiful jellies at the aquarium’s Sea Jelly Encounter:

Want to know more about the aquarium, like what the day in the life of an aquarist, aviculturist, or marine mammalogist is like? Check out these videos: