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Discovering Surf Stoke

STORY AND PHOTOS BY JOE ROGERS A drive along Highway 101 delivers welcoming surf breaks for first-timers during an Oregon road trip. I shift my weight to turn toward the beach, stopping only when the oncoming wave is behind me. My breath slows. I lock my eyes forward and begin […]

Curiously Short Story of the North Bend/Coos Bay Athletics
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The Curiously Short Story of the North Bend/Coos Bay Athletics

In the early 1970s, minor league baseball had an interesting run on the Oregon Coast, but even a brash owner, good players, and free loot couldn’t bring the fans. Story by ERICK MERTZ Photos courtesy COOS HISTORY MUSEUM The history of baseball along the Oregon Coast is rich with notable […]


Derby Dames

A coastal newcomer finds camaraderie, ferocity, and fun when she joins the Tillamook Coast Derby Dames. STORY BY AMY KORST FEATURED IMAGE BY SAYDE WALKER FOR THE FULL PRINT EDITORIAL VERSION OF THE STORY CLICK HERE I GREW UP ice skating, spending so many afternoons at the rink that the […]