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Whalen Island Adventures

Looking for tranquility and unspoiled natural beauty? Try Whalen Island, a diverse ecosystem lying between Cape Kiwanda and Cape Lookout on the North Coast. Technically a peninsula extending into the Sand Lake estuary, this wedge of land is an island only when the highest tides flood the salt marshes on […]

Zak Clarke, Nehalem Bay Winer

North Coast Backcountry Day Trip

Story by Dwight Caswell Take a detour off Highway 101 to enjoy a 62-mile loop that winds along the Nehalem River and through the foothills of the Coast Range. The forests and meadows of the Coast Range tumble down to the high cliffs, haystack rocks, and broad beaches that draw people […]

Alan Huestis

Sneaker Wave

Luckily, the writer of this harrowing story survived to tell the tale. Please, dear readers, be careful, and NEVER turn your back on the ocean. Story by William York I was vacationing on the Oregon Coast with my wife, my wife’s brother Roy, and Roy’s wife. This was an annual […]