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Stories from the Sea

The Charleston Marine Life Center is full of stories and exhibits that dive into the world of marine life found on the Oregon Coast. STORY BY EMILY KOLKEMO MY FAMILY IS family is visiting the Charleston Marine Life Center. My two young daughters spend a lot of time at the […]

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When Sharks And Surfers Collide

Story by CHERYL D. WANNER Shark encounters are rare on the Oregon Coast, but they do happen. April 22, 1998, was a perfect day for John Forse of Lincoln City to try out his new surfboard. Arriving at Gleneden Beach and finding blue skies, offshore winds, and a good swell, […]

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To Catch a Limpet: The Black Oystercatcher’s Guide to Lunch

Look and listen for this rare and unique black shorebird on Oregon’s rocky coastline. STORY BY JENNIFER GERVAIS The black oystercatchers’ wild shrieks rise above the swirling rocky intertidal zone like witches cackling over a cauldron from some Shakespearean tragedy. Dressed in sooty black but sporting a great orange beak […]