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To Catch a Limpet: The Black Oystercatcher’s Guide to Lunch

Look and listen for this rare and unique black shorebird on Oregon’s rocky coastline. STORY BY JENNIFER GERVAIS The black oystercatchers’ wild shrieks rise above the swirling rocky intertidal zone like witches cackling over a cauldron from some Shakespearean tragedy. Dressed in sooty black but sporting a great orange beak […]

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Purple Sea Urchins

The good, the bad, and the ugly about purple sea urchins. STORY & PHOTOS BY JOANNE CARROLL-HUEMOELLER Would the term consequential describe a day in the life of a simple purple sea urchin? Probably not. This prickly invertebrate is nothing more than a round test (hard shell) covered with spines, […]

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The Secret World of Sand

The story of sand along the Oregon Coast includes Ice Age floods, shifting dunes, and wartime super-sleuths. Story by Barbara Lee Kids are coated with it after a day at the Oregon Coast, and so is every inch of the family dog. Adults get it in their shoes, and picnic […]