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The Secret World of Sand

The story of sand along the Oregon Coast includes Ice Age floods, shifting dunes, and wartime super-sleuths. Story by Barbara Lee Kids are coated with it after a day at the Oregon Coast, and so is every inch of the family dog. Adults get it in their shoes, and picnic […]

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Piscine Celebrities of the Coast

STORY BY Kelsey Adkisson PHOTOS COURTESY Scott Groth A look at five fascinating species of fish that inhabit Oregon’s marine reserves. Deep beneath Oregon’s bone-chilling Pacific waters is a fish that grabs unlucky victims using razor-sharp teeth in its football-sized gaping mouth. Other fish, some of which live almost twice […]

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Coastal Marten’s Plight

STORY BY EMILY J. UHRIG PHOTOS (EXCEPT WHERE NOTED) BY MARK LINNELL/US FOREST SERVICE PACIFIC NORTHWEST RESEARCH STATION The coastal marten, a small, rarely seen carnivore, is at risk of extinction. Scurrying through forests on Oregon’s central coast is a rare mammal few of us have ever seen, and with […]