Whales of Winter

The weather outside might be blustery—or not (you never know on the Oregon Coast!), but one phenomenon is assured—gray whales will be making their semi-annual journey along the Oregon Coast this winter. Anyone can watch the watery leviathans as they travel south to the Baja lagoons. The peak of the […]


Forage For Mussels

Looking for a special culinary experience while visiting the Oregon Coast? Head for areas of exposed tidal rocks in search of a seldom-heralded seafood delicacy—mussels. STORY BY GRACE ELTING CASTLE Mussels have been a staple in the diet of coastal Natives probably from the beginning of time. The shells of […]

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Purple Sea Urchins

The good, the bad, and the ugly about purple sea urchins. STORY & PHOTOS BY JOANNE CARROLL-HUEMOELLER Would the term consequential describe a day in the life of a simple purple sea urchin? Probably not. This prickly invertebrate is nothing more than a round test (hard shell) covered with spines, […]