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To Catch a Limpet: The Black Oystercatcher’s Guide to Lunch

Look and listen for this rare and unique black shorebird on Oregon’s rocky coastline. STORY BY JENNIFER GERVAIS The black oystercatchers’ wild shrieks rise above the swirling rocky intertidal zone like witches cackling over a cauldron from some Shakespearean tragedy. Dressed in sooty black but sporting a great orange beak […]


Seals are Cute—But Not Abandoned

It’s that time of year again: Seal pups are appearing on beaches along the Oregon coast. Though they may appear to be abandoned, most of the time they are just resting and waiting for mom. Beachgoers are asked to stifle their desire to assist these animals in some way, and […]


The Long Haul

STORY BY JENNIFER GERVAIS Gray whales travel twice a year between their summer feeding grounds in Alaska and the warm lagoons of the Baja Peninsula, passing close to the Oregon coast along the way. They pass in large numbers during the darkest days of December, prompting crowds to brave the […]