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Ship of Mystery

Update June 2022: Ship timbers recently extracted from a sea cave near Manzanita were dated to the 1600s, providing strong evidence that they were from the Spanish galleon, Santo Cristo de Burgos. To read more about the recent find, visit the webpage for the Maritime Archeological Society. The timbers are […]


Sanctuary for Wolves

Sanctuary near Waldport provides a home for wolves as well as educational tours. PHOTOS COURTESY WHITE WOLF SANCTUARY In the forested mountains east of Waldport, Arctic wolves howl and play from amid the safety of spacious, enclosed habitats. The White Wolf Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization, has a mission to preserve […]


Visiting Oregon’s Coastal Wetlands

WETLAND ECOSYSTEMS OFFER RECREATION AND WILDLIFE VIEWING WHILE PROVIDING IMPORTANT ECOSYSTEM SERVICES. STORY BY LAUREN ZATKOS People come from all over the country to visit Oregon’s beautiful coastline, with its gorgeous sea cliffs, picturesque island rocks, and famous fishing. But there are other aquatic habitats, just inland of the beach, […]