Laying Tracks

An Astoria teenager helps rebuild and preserve an antique steam locomotive. STORY BY DAN HAAG FOR THE FULL PRINT EDITORIAL VERSION OF THE STORY CLICK HERE IT’S EASY TO assume today’s teenagers spend their time glued to social media or playing video games. But then you meet someone like Ryder […]

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Unique Holiday Tradition – Port Orford Crabbing

It’s December in Port Orford and Christmas is coming, but an event just as important and meaningful is approaching. So much planning and months of work have gone into it—all leading to this one day. The anticipation has been palpable and at last it is here—the opening day of Dungeness […]


To Save A Boathouse – Garibaldi Oregon

To Save a Boathouse The Garibaldi Cultural Heritage Initiative aims to preserve and repurpose the former United States Coast Guard Boathouse known as Pier’s End. The harsh creak of rusty chains and tired groan of metal pulleys accompany the opening of the garage-like doors of Pier’s End in Garibaldi. Sunlight […]