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Ship of Mystery

Update June 2022: Ship timbers recently extracted from a sea cave near Manzanita were dated to the 1600s, providing strong evidence that they were from the Spanish galleon, Santo Cristo de Burgos. To read more about the recent find, visit the webpage for the Maritime Archeological Society. The timbers are […]


Peace After Bombs

Films tell stories of reconciliation after World War II. STORY BY GAIL OBERST & PHOTOS COURTESY ILANA SOL When Nobuo Fujita, a Japanese Navy pilot, dropped a bomb near Brookings in 1942, he could not have imagined he would return, 20 years later, to offer the residents of that small […]


Memorial Honors Chetco Peoples

PORT OF BROOKINGS-HARBOR LAST FALL, A new commemorative site on the South Coast was completed and revealed to the public. After more than 10 years of fundraising, planning, and construction, the Chetco Indian Memorial depicts the culture and stories of the Chetco Indian people and creates a more inclusive telling […]