Oregon Coast Magazine September/October 2007

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Oregon Coast MagazinesThe Cheesemaker's Daughters Life in a 1920s Tillamook cheese factory. By Eva M. Bushman

Cruise the Coast with the Comforts of Home Renting an RV is a great way to enjoy all that the coast has to offer. By John Strieder

Wondering About Nehalem Bay Come to Nehalem Bay to explore three quaint towns and numerous recreational opportunities. By Paul Pintarich

Destination: Crescent City The lure of the redwoods may bring you to this far northern corner of California, but there's enough here to keep you busy for your entire vacation. By Judy Fleagle

Coastal Brews of Many Hues Take a tour of seaside brewpubs. By Rosemary Camozzi


Coast Lines

Coast Lines - By Rosemary Camozzi, Editor

Coastal Personality

Bob Jackson - One of a Kind - He likes to profile colorful old-timers in his newspaper column. Since he now fits that category himself, we decided to turn the tables and profile him.

Marine Life

Pacific Salmon - Learn the legend of the Pacific Salmon and about their gravel nursery, fry migration, smolt ransformation, living as adults at sea, Salmon run issues and how we can help these magnificent fish.

Oregon Coast Bounty

Culinary Schools 101 - From Astoria to Coos Bay, cooking schools provide mouth-watering culinary classes. Here is a list of four totally different culinary schools found on the Oregon Coast.

Real Estate

Affordable Housing on the Coast - Is There any Left? - With second-home owners increasingly buying up coastal properties, it's getting harder to find workforce housing.


Coast Lines

When I first came to work here last October, a story sat unassigned on our story list. It said, quite simply, “Oregon Coast breweries.” I couldn’t believe my good fortune—this story was waiting for ME? I snatched it up, and early this summer gathered up a couple friends and headed up the North Coast to do some research. After a couple of days in Astoria, I wished I could stay for a week. There’s a surprise around every corner— the incredible river, antique shops mixed in with upscale art galleries, the refurbished Liberty Theater, Victorian mansions, and of course, great breweries that serve as gathering places for both locals and visitors. While Astoria is often under clouds, the spirit of the locals and history of the area clearly shine through, making every visit there a delight.

That three-day weekend also included a stop at the Pelican Pub on an idyllic sunny day and an afternoon in Cannon Beach. On another weekend, we hit Newport (sunny again) and enjoyed a tour of the Rogue Brewery and a side trip to the Siletz Roadhouse, where we sat around the table with Randy Kenyon, the brewer, and shared both ales and tales.

On another sunny day a few weeks ago, I took a paddling trip with Andy Small of Oregon by Kayak. Andy’s business is based in Eugene, but most of his trips are out here on the coast. We paddled from Siltcoos Lake 3 miles down the Siltcoos River Trail, passing through quiet forest and steep dunes before rounding a final turn and seeing a dramatic view of breakers in the distance. The river is quiet and serene, an easy paddle even for an inexperienced kayaker. Andy has 24 years of experience kayaking and taught me some new strokes, which added to the fun.


While I was heading north, Judy Fleagle headed south to Crescent City, where she experienced wonderful hospitality and lots of adventures, including feeding a mouse to a wild spotted owl, climbing into the lantern room of the Battery Point Lighthouse, and canoeing on Earl Lake in the wee hours of the morning. You’ll find her excellent story on Crescent City and the surrounding area in this issue.

You’re sure to also enjoy a great piece by Paul Pintarich, who has a unique way of tying past and present together with well-turned words and humorous insights. This time he revisits some of his boyhood haunts in the Nehalem area, where he finds that while some things have changed (no more mannequins on top of the old Wheeler Tavern), the tiny towns and beautiful beaches maintain their charm.

And now it’s September, when the kids have gone back to school, the crowds are thinning out, and the coast usually gets some of the best weather of the whole year. Enjoy!

Sitcoos River

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