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Sandcastles Participants in sandcastle festivals take sand sculptures to a new level. --Judy Fleagle

Get away to Rockaway Beach This tiny town has served as a getaway destination for almost a hundred years. --Paul Pintarich

Remembering the "Nat" Rockaway's saltwater swimming pool was once a popular destination. --Paul Pintarich

Harnessing the Power of the Sea Part I of a two-part series on wave energy technology. --Jessica McElfresh

The Mystery Shipwreck Top-notch detective work helped experts identify a newly exposed shipwreck. --Robert V. Schwemmer

Studying Stellers Scientists conduct research on the thriving eastern steller population. --Nancy Steinberg

Standoff at Rogue River Battles continue between sea lions and anglers over chinook salmon. --Laurel Gerkman


Coast Lines

Coast Lines - By Rosemary Camozzi, Editor

What's Happening

Astoria celebrates its popular Midsummer Scandinavian Festival June 20 through 22.

Tillamook Celebrates Dairy Festival and Rodeo - So much is happening! This is the biggest celebration of the year in Tillamook June 28-29, 2008

Seaside's Muscle Beach Cruz - Hundreds of beautiful, powerful Muscle Cars will line Broadway and cruise the streets in downtown Seaside on June 14, 2008

Bounty on the Bay - Fishing enthusiasts gather at the Old Mill in Garibaldi May 16 and 17 for the Fifth Annual Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP) Bounty on the Bay.

Geezer Games and Nye Beach Clambake & Seafood Barbeque - Newport presents a wonderful weekend of food and entertainment July 5 and 6, when this year’s Geezer Games take place in conjunction with the Nye Beach Clambake and Seafood Barbeque.

Chainsaw Sculpting Championships - Once again Reedsport is abuzz with the sounds of multiple chainsaws during Father's Day weekend, June 12 through 15, 2008

Lumberjack Competition at the Mill - The Mill Casino in North Bend hosts this year's 8th Lumberjack Competition on June 28, 2008.

Party at the Port Planned for Fourth of July in Gold Beach - Gold Beach's annual Fourth of July Party at the Port promises great food, lots of games, two bands, fireworks, and fun.

Coast Lines

Oregon is on the crest of a wave, a movement to capture energy from the sea. In fact, a 2004 study found that Reedsport was the best site in the whole nation for developing a wave energy test center. At Oregon State University, engineers have been investigating this technology for some time now, and their bright yellow test buoy, the SeaBeav, has been out collecting data in ocean waters.

After reading Jessica McElfresh's excellent story, you'll have a better understanding of how the technology works. It's exciting to think that we could power our homes and businesses with the awesome energy of the ocean. But it certainly deserves a careful approach, as wave energy parks may impact fishing and crabbing grounds that are essential to our coastal communities. Be sure to look for our follow-up story in the next issue, where we'll talk to the folks in Reedsport and get a close-up look at how a wave energy park could impact their community's economy.

Wave power was also responsible for the shipwreck, as well as the recent resurfacing, of the George L. Olson, which was uncovered by this winter's raging storms. Read Bob Schwemmer's story to get a first-hand account of how the wreck was identified. It's detective work at its best!

On a more playful note, you're sure to enjoy Paul Pintarich's great story on Rockaway Beach, a haven for vacationers for more than 100 years, and Judy Fleagle's story on sandcastle festivals, where you can try your hand at building an ephemeral masterpiece or just admire the work of others. And last but not least, we wanted to bring you up to date on our littlest editor, Genevieve Jackson. As you can see from the photos, she's really learning the ropes around here.

Genevieve     Geneveive     Geneveive

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