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Oregon Coast Magazine May/June 2011

Astoria’s Big Birthday Party—Head to Astoria
to help the coast’s oldest city honor 200 years of
fascinating history and diverse culture. —Kate Giese

Good Times in Garibaldi—The little town with the big “G” on the hill offers visitors everything from charter fishing to kayaking to antiquing, as well as a great maritime museum. —Gail Oberst

Better than a Day at the Beach—A dune buggy ride near Florence brings a family together with excitement and thrills. —Steffanie Lynch

Crazy for Clams—Grab some boots, a net bag, and a clam shovel, and discover the joy of harvesting your own clams. —Perry Perkins



Fond Memories of Waldport’s HospitalWaldport once had its own hospital and a doctor known for his caring nature. —Grace Elting Castle

Pacific City HideawayHistory and rustic elegance combine at this cozy North Coast B&B, where privacy reigns supreme. —LeeAnn Dakers


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It’s party time! Two of our favorite coastal towns are celebrating major birthdays this year, and both are hosting fun events over the next few months.

Astoria, the oldest permanent U.S. settlement west of the Rockies, has reached the ripe old age of 200. John Jacob Astor established a fur-trading post there in 1811, and while the area was in British hands for awhile and then under joint ownership, it’s been part of the United States since 1846. Astoria combines a rich, well-preserved history with a thriving arts culture. You’ll find a first-class maritime museum, wonderful art galleries, and great restaurants. It’s definitely a fun place to spend a few days. See our story on page 28 to learn more about this summer’s events.

Waldport, on the Central Coast, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. The town’s first post office was established in 1882, but Waldport wasn’t incorporated until 1911, at which time it boasted a dozen businesses and 150 inhabitants. Many of the same attributes that brought settlers to Waldport still bring visitors there today, including the beauty of the coastline at Alsea Bay, the small-town charm, and the abundant seafood. Gold panning is not as prevalent as it used to be, of course, but clamming, fishing, and crabbing are still very popular. Check www.waldport-chamber.com for more info on this summer’s events.

Speaking of clamming, Perry Perkins lets us in on how easy it is to harvest and cook these tasty shellfish (page 38). Just the names of all the different clams are fun to say—razors and gapers and butter clams and littlenecks and cockles. They’re even more fun to eat, of course.

Katherina Audley shares the joys of charter fishing for tuna in her story on page 30. It’s a fast and furious sport, and takes some serious muscle, but you’ll bring home the freshest tuna you’ll ever find.

Gail Oberst spent a few days exploring Garibaldi and after you read her story, I’m sure you’ll want to follow in her footsteps. Garibaldi’s Port celebrated its centennial last year, and you can learn more about the area’s history at its excellent maritime museum.

That’s just a taste of the stories you’ll find in this issue. As I write this letter, the seemingly endless rain we’ve had this spring has turned to sunshine. It’s time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful coastline.

—Rosemary Camozzi

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