Freed Gallery

Fine art in Lincoln city

The opening of Freed Gallery in Lincoln City took place on a rainy night in 1994. Owner Lee Freed vowed at the time that the gallery would offer outstanding artists from around the world, mingling with the best talent that Oregon could provide. After 20 years, the Freed Gallery has lived up to its promise.

Freed, a retired Chicago real estate executive, designed the 3300-sq-ft, two-story gallery herself and opened with an exhibit devoted to Japanese stone sculptor Kazutaka Uchida. Since that time, she has added more than 100 notables to her list of artist. In addition, Freed Gallery is the home of "Let There Be Art," a non-profit organization that promotes the arts in Lincoln County schools.

"I've always loved art," Lee observes, "so after a career in real estate, it was time to pursue my other great passion. For many years, I'd had a dream of living on the Oregon Coast. Opening the gallery allowed me to trade the stress of managing a large office in the northern suburbs of Chicago for the incredible beauty of the central Oregon Coast. From this superb location, I've had the privilege of developing a gallery where artists can flourish."

Freed Gallery is situated only a few feet from Highway 101 at the south edge of Lincoln City. The gallery features over 100 artists in many media: two dimensional, glass, pottery, wood, painting, metal, photography, jewelry, sculpture, weaving, and kinetic art. The garden, easily visible from the highway, features the wind sculptures of Lyman Whitaker and the stone sculptures of Kazutaka Uchida, which beckon the traveler to stop.

Contact Freed Gallery, 6119 SW Hwy 101, Lincoln City OR 97367

Interior of Freed Gallery
Image Credit: Freed Gallery

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