Backstreet Gallery's After Hours Reception

Featuring Denny Weaver on August 27, 2014

Denny Weaver will blast off many familiar tunes ... 60’s to the present, to spark the celebrative energy of this LAST After Hours Reception for the Backstreet Gallery. He’s focused, passionate, humorous and mighty talented, and his guitar really SAYS it ALL, under no uncertain terms, with the help of his other tracks he’s laid down for his one-man band.

Denny is a native of Florence and was one of the founding members of the popular local band “The Intruders” back in the 60’s; he then joined the legendary NW band “The Fabulous Wailers”, continuing his musical career across North America, including much time spent in Nashville with the greats, before recently returning to his home town. He plays solo Saturday nights and Sunday brunches at HomeGrown Pub, and also with his partner Judi Kelly and Jody Terry as trio on other nights. Jan Landrum and Jane Rincon are Backstreet’s Featured artists of the Month. Jan’s lovely watercolors of floral splendor and nature’s coastal treasures have long been attracting attention in Florence, as she is a longtime native here. Jane is also a uniquely gifted artist of various techniques and textures within the world of watercolor, as well as wreathes, cards, and bookmarks ... shells, dried flowers, sand and trinkets.

Fabulous music, good company of community and art, and good food all make for a well spent couple of hours to say farewell to the After Hours Receptions as we’ve known them, for this will be the last one. So come one, come all ... it’s fun, and it’s free ... BUT for the TIP JARS, as piper Denny must be paid! Please show your appreciation for his amazing contribution.

Contact Backstreet Gallery, Old Town Florence

Denny Weaver playing guitar
Image Credit: Denny Weaver

Denny Weaver at ease
Image Credit: Denny Weaver

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