Specifications for Submitting Ads Electronically
and Technical Information

Our publications are printed Computer-To-Plate (CTP). We accept computer-generated ads prepared for print reproduction. If we cannot open a file to check its accuracy, a re-submission will be requested. The preferred file format for ad submission is: Adobe Acrobat PDF/X Compliant Files.

We will also accept Photoshop (CMYK, 300dpi tiff files with LZW compression "on" or JPEG with Maximum Quality) or Adobe InDesign files. We reserve the right to substitute similar typefaces to resolve conflicts or incompatibility issues. All image files must be created as 300dpi/ppi tiff at 100% size. Save all color images and tints in “CMYK” mode and all black and white images in “grayscale” mode. Do not use resolutions lower than 300dpi. Everything used to assemble an advertisement (i.e. fonts, image files, etc.) must be submitted with the final ad file. If color matching is required, a high-resolution color-proof or Matchprint, pre-approved by the advertiser, must be provided to be used by press personnel. We will do what we can to match this proof but we cannot guarantee an exact color match.

Computer-generated ads must arrive by the material due date unless an extension has been granted. They can be emailed to: Marji@nwmags.com, The ad material can also be mailed to us. We accept CD or DVD discs.

Files created for display on Web pages are unacceptable for print reproduction and will not be accepted along with ads created in Microsoft Word or Publisher.

Production Charges

There is no charge for advertisements created or revised by our staff, however, ownership of thos ads remains with us. If you wish to use an ad in another publication there will be a $45 charge. Revisions to that ad can be made at $45 an hour. Production charges and the placement of ads created/revised by our staff are not agency-commissionable.

Adverting Deadlines

These deadlines are for space reservation and advertisements requiring production. Ads on disk are due on the 10th of the second month preceding publication. Cancellations are accepted only up to deadline date.

Issue Date Due   Issue Date Due
  Jan/Feb   Nov 5   July/Aug   May 5
  Mar/April   Jan 5   Sept/Oct   July 5
  May/June   Mar 5   Nov/Dec   Sept 5


Need to contact a sales representative? Email Marji@nwmags.com.

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