Salt Preserved Lemons
Garibaldi House

Home Version (Serves 4)

8 to 10 medium Lemons*
¼ cup Kosher Salt

Sterilize a quart jar and lid. Wash and quarter 6-8 lemons depending on size.
Place lemons in a sterilized stainless or glass bowl and toss well with salt.
Using a sterilized wooden spoon, place lemon quarters in a quart jar, mashing them some to release juice.
Continue filling jar with lemons, packing them in well, until all lemons are in or jar is full.
Scrap remaining salt from bowl and place in jar.
Fill jar to within ¼ inch of top with fresh squeezed lemon juice.
Firmly tighten lid on jar, and place on a paper plate in a dark closet or pantry.
After one week, turn jar over and stand on lid.
After one more week turn jar over to stand on bottom.
After one more week turn jar back over on lid.
Lemons may be used after four weeks.
Refrigerate after opening. Use within six months.

To use lemons, remove with a clean utensil. Using your thumb, remove pulp and rinse rind.
To use in salsas, sauces or yellow rice, slice desired amount into thin slices, then dice/mince as desired.

*Meyers lemons work well when in season, but are not necessary. Cheaper ordinary lemons work fine. Pick lemons with clean exterior. If your lemons have any scaring, trim lightly as necessary.



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